Rotate a video with Avidemux GTK

A few times happened to me to record a video with my picture camera turned in portrait mode. It always looks nice on camera but, as soon as you watch it on the pc screen, you realize that something went wrong... :-|

Fortunately there is some software that can sort this problem out for us. Today I tried Avidemux and I got surprised with the easiness of the process and the quality of the result obtained.

Avidemux is a nice open-source program designed for video editing. It's platform independent so that it runs under Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and BSD. The version tried is 2.5.2 so, depending on your version/OS and GUI (GTK or QT) it might look different but the actions to take are simply the following (see screenshot):
1) make sure to select the format of the "Video" to produce (you can't leave just "copy");
2) open the pop up window refereed to "Filters";
3) select the filter "Transform";
4) select the filter "Rotate" and add it (another little window will pop up);
5) choose how you want to rotate the video, click "OK" and "Close" the Video Filter Manager Window;
6) it's time to save the file. Give it a name and let Avidemux do the job for you. Done?

Avidemux: steps to rotate a video.

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19 Responses to Rotate a video with Avidemux GTK

  1. vocivoci says:

    is rotating a video by avidemux lossless?

  2. Marco says:

    Thanks, it works nicely!

  3. Peter Brawley says:

    I just tried to rotate an iPhone .mov file 90 degrees. AviDemux took all my settings, but it did no rotation. What am I missing?

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  6. Simon Loftus says:

    I followed these steps, and as per the person above it does not work.

    I then realized that the filters were not being applied when video was set to copy.

    As per the first photo, you must select a video output, e.g. MPEG-4.

    When you do this it processes the applied filter.

    It is amazing how quickly this tool can work with very large files. Windows Live Movie Maker takes 5 minutes to process the large files and then crashes when you ask to save.


    • Simon Loftus says:

      Having gone back and read the post more, it does actually say you can’t just leave it as copy. Clarifying my result.

  7. Filip says:

    good tip, thanks for sharing.

  8. Jez says:

    Is it possible in Avidemux (or any other free programme) to rotate a video a few degrees (say, 5), or are 90, 180, and 270 degrees the only amounts possible?

  9. Bevor says:

    Works without quality loss, perfect.

  10. Gututten Berg says:

    It works just fine. TY.

  11. Pappy says:

    A little wisdom goes a long way.

    Thanx, worked great !!!!!!!!

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  13. Nico says:

    I did exactly as described, but it won’t work :( i cannot save it. Is there no easier way to just rotate a video ?

    • Andrea says:

      I tried this with Avidemux 2.5.2.
      Are you using the same version?

      PS: If you find an easier way to rotate a video let me know and I’ll update the post… :-P

  14. Dave says:

    Doesn’t work. Setting the filter is easy, but the File -> Save operation does not actually *apply* the rotate filter.

  15. Avidemux Fan says:

    to Rotate a video with Avidemux

    “you must select a video output”

    top left corner of Avidemux:
    File Recent Edit

    under this are 3 icons:
    Open Video Save Video Information

    under this are the words:
    Video Decoder

    under this is a button labelled:

    under this are the words:
    Video Output

    below this is a pull down menu:

    CLICK on Copy and change it to:
    Mpeg4 ASP (xvid4)

    now drop down 2 buttons and click Filters…

    double-click Rotate then 90 degrees then Close

    click Save Video and a window will appear:
    (this will take a few minutes to save the video)

    easy! using Avidemux v2.6.12

    screenshot =

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