Convert Squid/timestamps to a human readable format

Somebody had the brilliant idea to use Unix timestamps in the Squid log.
I suppose this makes it easy to parse, not so easy to read for us humans though!

This is an elegant and common way of solving this problem:

cat /var/log/squid/access.log | perl -p -e 's/^([0-9]*)/"[".localtime($1)."]"/e'[......]

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bash – remove first line with tail and last line with head

You can achieve the same result with other (more powerful) tools, but I like this approach because it's the simplest I can think of.

Let's say you have this text file called test.txt

line 1
line 2
line 3

Remove the first line

tail -n +2 test.txt
line 2
line 3

Remove the last l[......]

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sed – match and replace BIND/DNS serial number programmatically

I had to make some modifications to several BIND zone files, sed proved itself invaluable once again!

All the zone files looked something like this: IN SOA (
               2015021001   ; Serial
               600          ; Refresh (10 minu[......]

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Remove all non-ascii characters with perl

Sometimes when creating one-liners, when the source is not "clean", you may end up with non-ascii characters which make the parsing harder.

To get rid of all of it, you can use perl.

cat dirty-source.txt|perl -pe 's/[^[:ascii:]]//g' > clean-output.txt

The same command can be used on a file[......]

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Converting spreadsheets to text files with ssconvert

ssconvert is a utility shipped with Gnumeric, and it's a command line spreadsheet converter.

Let's say that you have some data in a spreadsheet (eg spreadsheet.ods) and want to be able to easily parse it, and maybe use it in a script.

ssconvert -O 'separator=;' spreadsheet.ods parsable-data.tx[......]

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How to update all docker base images with one command

for docker in $(docker images|awk '{print $1,$2}'|sed 's/ /:/g'|grep -v REPOSITORY); do docker pull $docker; done

This command updates all your docker images but don't remove the old versions which have now been updated.

To do that, and clear some unnecessarily used space, you can run the[......]

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Proxmox – Passthrough card/device to openVz container

I wanted to passthrough a dual tuner TV card (Hauppauge WinTV Nova-T-500) to an openVz container in order to use tvHeadEnd.

Here I show how to achieve it with this particular PCI card but the procedure should be the same for any device.

First you need to know what device/devices you want to pa[......]

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Use Remmina to satisfy all your remote connection needs

This post is over 3 years old, so please keep in mind that some of its content might not be relevant anymore.

Remmina is a remote desktop client that support multiple network protocols (RDP, VNC, NX, XDMCP and SSH) in a nice and very user friendly GUI.

In its basic usage, you only need to know the protocol, the server (domain or IP address), username and password.

For example, this shows how to connec[......]

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