Root HTC Wildfire (Android 2.2.1), install Cyanogenmod 7 and fix GPS

This post is over 3 years old, so please keep in mind that some of its content might not be relevant anymore.

I’ve been using my Android phone (HTC Wildfire) for quite some time now.
It’s not a bad phone but it’s somewhat limited, mainly in memory and speed.
Plus, I really wanted to experiment with it and see what a custom ROM could do.

From my research SuperOneClick is the most popular software to root phones.
Unfortunately it doesn’t work with a few phones, among which the Wildfire. Duh!
The Wildfire is supported by another software called Unrevoked3, unless you are using Android 2.2.1 (or later I suppose) which has been already patched to avoid rooting.
OBVIOUSLY (!?!) my phone was exactly on Android 2.2.1 so I had to look for another solution..
Luckily the Cyanogenmod guys have a great tutorial explaining exactly how to do that.

NB: The tutorial link doesn’t work anymore, here is a replacement.

There you find all information needed to root your phone and, if you want, install Cyanogenmod.

Everything went smooth for me. The only NOT working thing I was left with was the GPS. Which obviously needed to get fixed.

Fix GPS after flashing the new ROM
Download the three versions of Radios and place them somewhere on the SD card.
Open the application “ROM Manager” and, from the menu, downgrade it to version (this seems to be the only version able to manually change the Radio software installed without getting errors)
Reboot into Recovery
Once in Recovery, clear Dalvik cache
“Install from zip” and select the radio “” file
Reboot phone. GPS should now be working fine. In case it’s not, try the other two versions
[optional]: if the works you might want to try to update to the latest version ( Most of the time it works, otherwise revert the changes
Reopen ROM Manager, update it back to the latest version and you are all done

Enjoy your new smart phone experience!

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