Converting spreadsheets to text files with ssconvert

ssconvert is a utility shipped with Gnumeric, and it’s a command line spreadsheet converter.

Let’s say that you have some data in a spreadsheet (eg spreadsheet.ods) and want to be able to easily parse it, and maybe use it in a script.

ssconvert -O 'separator=;' spreadsheet.ods parsable-data.tx[......]

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How to update all docker base images with one command

for docker in $(docker images|awk '{print $1,$2}'|sed 's/ /:/g'|grep -v REPOSITORY); do docker pull $docker; done

This command updates all your docker images but don’t remove the old versions which have now been updated.

To do that, and clear some unnecessarily used space, you can run the[……]

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Proxmox – Passthrough card/device to openVz container

I wanted to passthrough a dual tuner TV card (Hauppauge WinTV Nova-T-500) to an openVz container in order to use tvHeadEnd.

Here I show how to achieve it with this particular PCI card but the procedure should be the same for any device.

First you need to know what device/devices you want to pa[……]

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Use Remmina to satisfy all your remote connection needs

Remmina is a remote desktop client that support multiple network protocols (RDP, VNC, NX, XDMCP and SSH) in a nice and very user friendly GUI.

In its basic usage, you only need to know the protocol, the server (domain or IP address), username and password.

For example, this shows how to connec[……]

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PHP: remove duplicate elements from a multi-dimensional array

array_unique removes duplicate values from an array. Unfortunately it doesn’t work with multi-dimensional arrays.

A quick workaround is to serialize all elements of the first/parent array in order to make it unidimensional, let array_unique doing its job and then unserialize it back.

A one lin[……]

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Ban offending IP addresses – fail2ban

If you have logwatch installed (or you read auth.log file) you can find lots of entries mentioning login attempts/attacks.
Something like:

Nov 20 06:30:43 serverName sshd[63467]: Address maps to, but this does not map back to the address - POSSIBLE BR[......]

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Send system emails using gmail as smtp server

I wrote before about sending system emails using sendmail as smarthost.
Today I describe how to do that using gmail smtp servers.
The software that will allow us to do that is called “ssmtp” and it’s a “send-only sendmail emulator for machines which normally pick their mail up from a centralized m[……]

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