Android vs iPhone

This post is over 3 years old, so please keep in mind that some of its content might not be relevant anymore.

Let me begin saying that I don’t own any of those phones and so, obviously, I’m not going into a technical comparison.
Knowing I’m an Open Source fan, you should immediately understand which side I am leaning towards.

You might think: “he hasn’t tried any of them and he wants to tell me which one is better! How is that?!?”
Well, as I said before, I’m not going to tell you which one is better technically but I can tell you which one is better “philosophically”. :-)
This morning I found an interesting article pointing out why Android, being Open Source, is better than the iPhone.

Here are the key points I like in that article:
Open Source: “Developers and manufacturers are free to implement and change Android in any way that they would like, which opens up the platform to tons of new ideas and innovations.”
Fully Hackable: You can do whatever you want with it. Well, you might think, of course! it’s my phone. Try hacking the iPhone. There is nothing you can do unless Apple wanted you to do it…
Dozens of Phones to Choose From: “The iPhone is a beautiful piece of hardware, but what if you want an iOS phone but want something with a QWERTY keyboard? Or suppose you want something a little bigger, or something a little smaller, or something a little more cost effective?With the iPhone, you’re stuck with just the iPhone. With Android, however, there are dozens of options available to consumers.”

Never a software will be perfect but we should never renounce to the freedom of choice given us by Open Source software.

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