Virtualbox USB devices not working on Ubuntu Lucid

There is a known problem between Ubuntu Lucid (as host OS) and Virtualbox (3.2 for sure).
Didn’t you know it? Well, I didn’t know anything about it either until an hour ago… :-)
Basically it all works fine except the USB controller. Virtualbox doesn’t allow you to access any USB device on the gu[……]

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Wireless Android/pc file transfer with OnAir

I recently bought a new shining smartphone. :-) I’ve opted for the HTC Wildfire. I’ll probably revise it after I used it for a little while.
Anyway, I was looking for a way to transfer files between my computer and the smartphone via wireless.

Googling SwiFTP seemed to be the most common app for[……]

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10 reasons open source is good for business

According to pcworld, Open Source software is good for business for exactly ten reasons. :-)
Summarizing the points we have…

The more people can have a look at the source code the more likely is that a bug can be found.

“In general, open source software gets closest to wh[……]

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Open Source Multimedia alternatives to common proprietary software

A common problem in the “Open Source World” is finding the right software that does a similar job (even exactly the same if you are lucky) to our favourite proprietary.

I’ve just found a nice list of multimedia alternative software, divided by category, which might help you finding the right one[……]

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Linux patch to boost Desktop performance

I’ve been using a Linux OS (Ubuntu is my favourite distribution) for a few years now. Let’s say 3/4..
I really like it, actually I love it. ;-)

Sometimes though I realize that some software (eg: Firefox) is not as fast as its Windows version.
I’ve never really known the reason behind it and nei[……]

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Android vs iPhone

Let me begin saying that I don’t own any of those phones and so, obviously, I’m not going into a technical comparison.
Knowing I’m an Open Source fan, you should immediately understand which side I am leaning towards.

You might think: “he hasn’t tried any of them and he wants to tell me which on[……]

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10 Greatest Open Source Software of 2009

Open Source software is becoming more and more popular even though, many of these applications are little or none known at all.

There are browsers (eg: Firefox, Chromium), application suites for word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and other (eg: OpenOffice, kOffice, Gnome Office), video[……]

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Open file graphically as administrator from Nautilus – Ubuntu

Sometimes when I’m more lazy than usual and I browse my folders with Nautilus, I want to open the file I need to straight away without using the command line.

Installing a single nautilus extension, called “nautilus-gksu”, adds the “Open as administrator” functionality to the “right-click button[……]

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Disable directory listing/browsing – Apache

Often, you don’t want your website users to browse the whole content of a public folder.
They will still be able to download files contained in it (like javascript or css files) but not to list all of them for no reason.

This can be achieved in different ways. For example modifying the apache co[……]

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Rotate a video with Avidemux GTK

A few times happened to me to record a video with my picture camera turned in portrait mode. It always looks nice on camera but, as soon as you watch it on the pc screen, you realize that something went wrong… :-|

Fortunately there is some software that can sort this problem out for us.

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